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Frankly, it would be much easier for me to create a web site than to describe myself. And yes, your guess is correct for there is not too much to find out about me personally in the following lines. But if you are still reading this I will share my understanding of my creative work.
I like drawing, regardless of the tool and surface as long as you can see and feel a sketch, a painting or a website emerging from your brush (mouse, stylus, feather…)
First it was just a hobby but I was extremely pleased as it developed to full-time occupation. It is great when you can make money doing your favourite job (trite it may sound it is true though). Over time I acquired a new passion which is actually accomplishment of my child’s dream. It’s painting. I like scent of paint. I like taking a tube of paint in one hand and a palette knife in the other one and let my emotions flow onto a canvas.
Beside web-design and painting I am fond of photography. I like adjusting pictures on a PC when you can refine colours, add some drama or expression, emphasize certain details. It developed to digital art over time where your photographs are merely billets still to become paintings following your imagination.
All in all I can say that I like whatever I do!

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